A human  designing for humans

Throughout my career I have helped from startups to big organizations create their products, services, and digital identities, all with a user-centric approach.

Lately I have brought my knowledge and experience into diverse, multinational UX teams so that we can all shine and contribute.
Thing I do well

Skills (01)

UX Design
Web Design
Product Design
Interface Design
User Research
Design Systems
Strategic Thinking
Communication & Collaboration

Reliability (02)

With a solid background of over 20 years of UX/UI experience, I am a creative, reliable, versatile, grounded, analytical, open-minded, and practical designer and a design critical thinker.

Overall vision (03)

I have a generalist V-shaped profile with extensive knowledge in all areas of UX, and emphasis on User Interface and problem definition and resolution. This allows me to keep an integrated global vision that takes into account user experience, business needs, and technological constraints.

I enjoy working both leading the UX design myself, as well as being part of a UX team, where we all can benefit from each other’s know-how.

Training (04)

Always fond of user experience and design, I believe in lifelong learning and have a solid academic background in Multimedia, Technology, Visual Design, and Business. I am always eager to learn and to contribute.
#watercolor #Venice
One illustration from my New York School series
That's me!
#watercolor #Gijón
Signing my comic book at the Madrid Comic Con

Some pics of me and my artwork :)

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#watercolor #village
My photo for the cover of March magazine
One of my comic book panels
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I help from startups to large organizations create their products and services with a user-centric approach.


Program for Management Development PMD


Multimedia Degreee


Computers Degreee



Product Designer


Product Designer


Digital Design Lead

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